Thalassa Beach

Boutique Resort

Thalassa Ashvem rests on the beach for that most prized of all experiences. Wake up to the sounds of the waves and watch the sun go down in all his blazing glory in the arabian sea. As night falls, enjoy the quiet comfort of an exclusive meal in the restaurant, away from the noise and crowd.

White décor, cane seating and rustic wooden furniture against the azure blue of water and skies make this a gorgeous place, day or night. The generous acreage gives it a leisurely feel even as it provides a coziness to those seeking it. The menu is mostly greek or greek inspired cuisine with a liberal dose of turkish food. Besides the specialty menu, the usual pizzas and pastas are available for those interested in familiar foods. No one is disappointed. The chef recommends fish on the grill, kleftiko, moussaka, horaitiki and the Thalassa special kebab.

Beautiful experience. Lovely food with fantastic lamb dishes. The location is very good. Well worth a visit.

Stephen Young

The Thalassa


True to its taverna tradition, Thalassa immerses you in a mediterranean experience. The aroma of warm food, the sea breeze and buzz of the space makes it an incredibly sensorial experience.


The menu covers the breadth & depth of a greek culinary heritage wrapped up as a gastronomical paradise.


Tastefully designed rooms have been lovingly prepared so you can let go and soak in luxury and privacy.


For those seeking a more deeper relaxation, check out the spa for a truly indulgent experience.


Enjoy the delicacies of a greek kitchen with meat and sea food preparations, cheeses and salads and wrap it all up with baklava.

Beach Front

Beautiful Ocean View

Exclusive, tastefully done doubles cottages on the beach make the perfect backdrop for your idyllic goan vacation. Whether an intimate break or some wholesome family time, these luxuriously appointed cottages provide you an inimitable experience.

Ashvem Beach is one of the finest stretches you can find in north Goa. Quiet, peaceful and calm, it is perfect to just lie in the sun or take a dip in the waters of the arabian sea. Thalassa beach boutique brings a slice of the wide ocean blue for your own private pleasure.

Our Rooms

Live By The Sea

Beautiful, well appointed rooms that give a flavour of a grecian experience right on goan shores. Large, spacious and suitable for couples or families. The décor is reminiscent of Corfu’s magic and legendary hospitality.

8 villas transport you to an exclusive, luxe setting, perfect for that private holiday. Perfect for couples, families or even close friends looking to enjoy a break away from crowds and noise. Right on the beach, you are never far away from the lull of the waves or the smell of sunkissed wind.

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Our Restaurant

Delicious Greek Food

A quiet beach holiday is just the rest and rejuvenation one needs from the pace of life every day. Spend the day frolicking in the sea and when the hunger pangs strike, fill your bellies and soul at our lovely restaurant away from the madding crowd.

Thalassa is about food that feeds the soul. Fresh catch from the sea, succulent meats, refreshing salads and decadent deserts make sure that you are spoilt for choice. Fine dining alfresco with the stars and ocean sounds for company make it the perfect quiet dinner experience you will remember for a long time.

Our Spa

Relax Your Mind

A quiet beach holiday is just the rest and rejuvenation one needs from the pace of life every day. Spend the day frolicking in the sea and when the hunger pangs strike, fill your bellies and soul at our lovely restaurant, away from the madding crowd.

Holidays are a perfect way to unwind and reset. While the beach and food are guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate you, the spa is the reset. Allow your body to let go of its tensions and relax into its deep restfulness. Our well qualified and experienced staff are trained to give you the rest and rejuvenation you need.

Celeberate Precious Moments

Looking to have the perfect beach wedding or an intimate celebration? Check out Thalassa Morjim as the perfect place to host your special occasion and make unforgettable memories.